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X10 Irrigation

Marketing promotion: free upgrade to X10 irrigation controller!

Program requirements:


1) Must have a machine that is on 24x7, does not have to be dedicated to this service but must have sleep disabled, connected to the internet full-time (no dial-up)
2) Aforementioned machine must be connected via a CM19A ($CM15A ($80) via USB (takes computer commands and transmits them over the power line)
3) Replacing existing controller, rain gauge, soil moisture sensors with EZFlora 5010A for up to 8 zones ($125) 
4) For a completely new system you will only need the 24 VAC transformer
5) Each of the sprinkler zones/valves has a "hot" wire running back to the controller location
6) Must provide a copy of most recent water bill (electronic or paper, identifying information will be blurred)
7) Minimum of 1 zone and minimum of 2000 sq. ft. total watering area enabled on account